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8:30pm Program

Choreographer: Lisa del Rosario

Performers: Lisa del Rosario

Music: Speech from Marie Curie, Tremola Debut by Broken Social Scene


Choreographer: Mandy Anstey, Jessica Siclari, Laura Vazquez

Performers: Mandy Anstey, Jessica Siclari, Laura Vazquez

Music: Backstage Patch by Sylvan Esso


Choreographer: Bethany Logan

Performers: Bethany Logan

Music: All Along by Jason Trueting

Wavering (Doubt)
Choreographer: Hanna Bailey

Performers: Hanna Bailey, Grace Emmert, and Ellie Newton

Music: 4 65 by Michael Wall


Thank you for your Honesty (Doubt)
Choreographer: Pilar Poeschl-Ellis

Performers: Pilar Poeschl-Ellis

Music: Benjamin Poeschl-Ellis

“Oh, did you now…?” (Doubt)
Choreographer: Kevin Murdock-Waters

Performers: Veronica Boccardo and Rachel Meador 

Music: Philip Glass, “Company Movement I”

Choreographer: Meghan Healey

Performers: Meghan Healey

Music: Hush by Tourist

After [Happy] Hour (Doubt)
Choreographer: William Keiser and Shakthi Shrima, in collaboration with the cast

Performers: Benjamin Figueroa and Kevin Murdock-Waters

Music: Love Theme from Spartacus by Love Theme 

Pendleton (Discovery)
Choreographer: Anna Bauer

Performers: Anna Bauer

Music: “3 Old Viennese Dances: No. 2, Liebesleid (Arr. for Theremin &Piano)” by Fritz Kreisler— Clara Rockmore & Nadia Reisenberg

Choreographer: ZATERO Dance

Performers: Natasha Small & Liliana Zapatero

Music: Motivation by Normani

Choreographer: Lilly Thurman

Performers: Hailey Chambers

Music: Ellis Island by Meredith Monk


Choreographer: Sea Legs Dance by Tikiri Shapiro

Performers: Rachel Culver Cox, Chelsea Pribble, Meghan Healey, Alison Talvcchio, Nicole Diambra, Kanami Nakabayashi Timpe, Audrey Halm, Sarah Calvin, Isabelle Costello

Music: Epiphany Fields by scntfc

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